Welcome to the White Pine County Nuclear Waste Project Office online information center. White Pine County is located in the eastern portion of the State of Nevada, approximately 250 miles north of Las Vegas.

The purpose of this site is to educate the public about the issues, legislation and activities related to the Yucca Mountain Project and the potential impacts to White Pine County.

In the Nuclear Waste Policy Act, as amended, Congress designated Yucca Mountain, Nevada, to be the only site studied as a geologic repository for the storage of the nation's high-level nuclear waste. With the passing of this bill, White Pine County was designated as an "affected unit of local government" (AULG) along with eight other counties in Nevada and one in California. White Pine County receives federal funding for the Nuclear Waste Project Office to conduct oversight activities related to the Yucca Mountain Project.

Our Responsibilities


The White Pine County Nuclear Waste Project Office monitors the Yucca Mountain Project activities, especially in regard to potential shipments of high-level radioactive waste through White Pine County and its communities.

U.S. Highway 93 passes directly through McGill and Ely in very close proximity to residences, businesses and schools. It is a primary route through White Pine County for tourists traveling to and from the Pacific Northwest. Although this route is not currently identified as an alternative for transporting high-level waste, it is used for transporting low-level waste to the Nevada Test Site, and there is concern that high-level waste could potentially be transported via this route.

The residents of White Pine County want to ensure that transportation routes to Yucca Mountain would not endanger their health, welfare and quality of life. With tourism and ranching as major economic sources for the region, White Pine County cannot afford adverse impacts or the stigma associated with the transportation of radioactive materials. All parties involved want to ensure that potential high-level waste transportation through the County does not pose serious health risks or adversely impact the County's socioeconomic and demographic condition.

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